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    The Detroit Lions’ season is almost mercifully over Jarrad Davis Jersey White , but they’ve got one more game left before they close up shop. For the players, it’s an opportunity to play for pride, play for potential free agency contract and play to sweep a division rival that has historically had their number.But all of that can’t trump talent. And while Green Bay Packers are just 6-8-1, they’ve looked like the more talented team as of late. The Packers have won two of their last three—albeit against the Jets and Falcons—and the firing of head coach Mike McCarthy seems to have given them a second wind, even if it’s far too late.The Lions, on the other hand Womens Frank Ragnow Jersey , have lost four of their last five and haven’t scored more than 20 points in over a month.As a result, most of us are picking the Packers this week. Take a look. Kellie Rowe (9-4): 24-17 PackersRyan Mathews (9-6): 3-0 PackersJeremy Reisman (9-6): 31-13 PackersAndrew Kato (7-5): No pickJustin Simon (8-7): 24-13 PackersMike Payton (8-7): 0-0Kent Lee Platte (8-7): 17-8 PackersAlex Reno (8-7): 17-16 PackersLevi Blue (7-8): 17-13 LionsMansur Shaheen (7-8): 17-13 LionsKyle Yost (7-8): 27-21 PackersJohn Whiticar (6-9): 27-20 PackersJerry Mallory (6-9): 30-17 PackersHamza Baccouche (6-9): 24-21 LionsChris Perfett (6-9): No pickIt should come as no surprise that only two of our staffers are picking the Lions to score more than 20 points, but three still believe Detroit will come out of Lambeau as winners. Can Detroit’s defense keep them in the game against Aaron Rodgers? Will Matt Patricia have the team motivated in a “meaningless” game? Time to hear your picks on the game. In the comment section below drop your score prediction and vote for the winner in the poll.Friday open thread: Which Lions player is in for a big game vs. Patriots? We’re two weeks into the 2018 season, and the Detroit Lions are already in a desperate situation. They’re 0-2, the rest of the division has already notched a win each and are facing fortunate matchups in Week 3, while the Lions are forced to face the New England Patriots.With little hope on the horizon for this season Sam Martin Jersey White , the Lions are looking for a hero. They need someone to step up their game on Sunday night not only to avoid embarrassment on national television for the second time in three weeks, but to give their fans some real hope in the Matt Patricia era, because right now fans are bumming. So today’s Question of the Day is:Which Lions player could be in for a big game on Sunday night?My answer; I think it’s time Marvin Jones Jr. returns to 2017 form. Jones had a career year last season, pulling in career highs in yards (1,101) thanks to six plays of 40+ yards. This year, he has just 108 yards in two games. Everyone is making a big deal out of Matthew Stafford’s performance last week T.J. Jones Jersey , specifically his inability to connect with his receivers on deep plays. While that criticism is deserved, there’s little evidence his performance against the 49ers is emblematic of a larger, more long-term problem. Stafford and Jones will eventually get theirs, and the Patriots provide a someone favorable matchup to do so. Last week, Blake Bortles was able to rack up 376 yards passing and four touchdowns against this Patriots defense, and it looks like New England will be missing two key defenders in safety Patrick Chung and pass rusher Trey Flowers. No excuses. Now is the time. Let’s get it A'Shawn Robinson Jersey White , Marvin.Your turn.Tweets from
      July 18, 2019 4:20 AM CEST